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Our Studio Policy

Studio Membership

Tuition at SmartMuse is a flat subscription-based fee charged on the 1st of each month. We are a year-round music school meaning that your subscription continues unless withdrawal is requested. We accept enrollment at all times of the year. The studio is closed on the majority of national holidays and school breaks- the price of these breaks is already included in your flat subscription rate. Whether there are 4 weeks or 5 weeks in a particular month, for consistency the tuition fee remains the same.

This monthly, all-inclusive subscription covers the following events: 

  • 46 weeks of Private Lessons throughout the year
  • Enrichment Workshops
  • Quarterly Vision Board Parties
  • 1-2 Annual Recitals among other unique performance opportunities!

A studio fee of $65 per semester will be charged to your preferred payment method on file on September 1st (Fall term) and March 1st (Spring term). This covers:

  • Music Books/Sheets
  • Awards/Prizes
  • Learning Resources
  • Supplies and any other additional needs

Everything will be provided so that you can enjoy more time with your family and kids. No hidden or surprise fees!

An annual tuition increase will be applied in the Fall semester (September 1st). 

What does my tuition include? Tuition reserves your child’s spot on the studio schedule and includes much more than the lesson time spent with each student.

We love this ComposeCreate.com blog by Wendy Stevens > 

Missed Lessons & Membership Cancellation

Your lesson day and time is reserved just for you. A student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefits of that lesson. Please be assured that the teacher will use that time to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc... There will be no make-ups or refunds given for lessons missed. However, missed lessons due to a teacher’s absence will be rescheduled. 

We understand that things come up and life happens. We request that whenever possible, to notify us of a cancellation with 24-hours notice. If a slot should become available in the near future, we can try to make up the lesson, though it is not guaranteed. A lesson cancelled without 24-hours notice will not be offered a make up. Virtual lessons are always an alternative.

We encourage our students to commit to lessons for the duration of the semester, and preferably throughout the year, to work through the inevitable ups and downs that come with learning to play an instrument. Should discontinuation of lessons mid year be necessary, the decision should be made with thoughtful communication between parent, student and teacher so that lessons can end positively. No refunds are given for lessons that are not taken.

What does it mean to be a Smart Muse?

🎵  Being a SmartMuse means you follow your heart and your passion, no matter what anyone else says.

🎵  It means enjoying the journey while keep your goals in sight.

🎵  It means marching to the beat of your own drum, doing things your way in your own time.

🎵  Living life in the moment and feeling the joy of being alive while making the music in your life song.

🎵  Feeling gratitude for who you are and what you are capable of, knowing that there's still so much more to learn and grow into.

Are you a Smart Muse?