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About Us

Music…for Life.

At SmartMuse Piano, we understand and apply the broad lessons that come from learning music daily with our students. Music teaches discipline, aligning passions and creativity, and the appreciation and results of persistent effort. Not everyone will grow up to be a professional musician -- but everyone will grow up a better person with music in their life!

A Safe Place

Children need to be heard, listened to, and respected. They need someone who encourages them to be who they are and inspires them to play. SmartMuse Piano is just that: a safe place for children to be inspired and find their love for music, and for themselves.

What does it mean to be a Smart Muse?

🎵  Following your heart and your passion, no matter what anyone else says.

🎵  Enjoying the journey while keep your goals in sight.

🎵  Marching to the beat of your own drum, doing things your way, in your own time.

🎵  Living life in the moment and feeling the joy of being alive while making the music in your life song.

🎵  Feeling gratitude for who you are and what you are capable of, knowing that there's still so much more to learn and grow into.

Are you a Smart Muse?

About Ms. Tweena

At just 10 years old, the organist at Tweena's church had to leave, creating an opening for a new accompanist. At the audition, there were those who doubted her young age and skills so her dad said "Get over to that piano and play 'A Whole New World' -- a song she had just learned -- and that's how it all began!

Tweena has been performing professionally for more than 25 years now, from concerts to musical theater, bands, choirs, and hundreds of special events. But Tweena's real love is sharing this gift. She loves to teach, and gives 110% to her students to help them learn and reach their music goals.

When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream. 🤍

A Historical Location:
The Santora Building of the Arts

SmartMuse Piano studio is located in the historic Santora Building of the Arts in Downtown Santa Ana, California. In fact, you'll be taking your piano lessons in the former home of Daninger's Tea Room, where the likes of Lucille Ball, Gracie Allen, George Burns, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, and many more visited from 1934 until 1944.