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Grand Staff Acrylic Board//Dry Erase//Music Staff//Piano//Music Teacher//Piano Teacher//Music Teaching Tool//Piano Teaching Tool//Music Gift

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Making note-reading as fun as playing the piano, and many other instruments! This sturdy, high-quality grand staff board is perfect for students of all ages to engage in music theory such as note identification, interval training, chords and scales. This is a wonderful way for parents and children to spend time learning how to read music together!

As a piano teacher almost 20 years, I've seen many students excited as they start out on their musical adventure. Parents often tell me things like, "Wow, my child is progressing so fast, I can't keep up!" or "This is all going over my head now- he/she is on her own!". Later on though, the student(s) may become disheartened and less inclined to play as they approach harder music concepts to grasp, such as intervals or sight reading.

With this 6 x 7 doodle board, both music students and parents alike can explore and learn music theory in a fun, hands-on way! Seeing notes is not the same as reading notes. Being able to get off the bench and write things down for themselves, musical minds are able to sort and figure things out more easily. We hope that you enjoy using this teaching/learning tool as much as my students and I do :)

Kid-tested and approved.